• All users 100% registered

    In onlySpare,You will find only registered users. No SPAM calls, people can only contact if they really needed any spare .

  • How to register on onlySpare ?

    Registering on onlySpare is now a very simple . It will take only 1 minutes to register and post your Ads & Search array of spares -

    Step 1: Click “Register” tab in the top corner of the website .

    Step 2: Enter Your Name .

    Step 3: Enter Your Contact Number .

    Step 4: Enter Your Email address .

    Step 5: Select your location through Drop down List or Click on "Auto detect your Location" tab to get your real time location which will help you to find available spare posted near you .

    Step 6: Generate your suitable password .Use a mix of alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and symbols. Example-Aniket@12

    Step 7: Confirm Password .

    Step 8: Confirm if your want to register as a Individual,Dealer or Both by Clicking on "Register As" tab .

    Step 9: Complete your registration process by Clicking "Register" TAB

    Step 10: You can also Register through your Social Media ID's, Facebook & Google+ .

  • How to Log In on onlySpare ?

    Step 1: Click “Log In” tab in the top corner of the website Step.

    Step 2: If you have a onlySpare account, enter your registered mobile number/email address and password to sign into your account Step.

    Step 3: You can also Log in through your register Mobile Number by clicking "Please generate your OTP" . Jut enter OTP received on you register mobile number & log in .

  • How do I Post an Free Ad?

    Posting an ad on onlySpare is very easy and will take few Seconds .Simply follow the steps below to understand the Post Ad flow better.

    Step 1: Click on the Post Free Ad/Sell button on the page.

    Step 2: Write Spare Title .For eg. LG AC main pcb.

    Step 3: Write Product Description .For eg. LG AC main pcb in Working Condition.

    Step 4: Choose the right category and sub-category to match the product you wish to sell . For eg. If you are selling a LED TV spare , then you should post your Ad in the category TV & VIDEO and Sub category as LED .

    Step 5: Select Correct brand & Model name which Helps buyer to find required brand & exact Model number.

    Step 6: Upload Image of spare which need to Post. Spare must have to maximum 800x600 resolution & jpg,jpeg,png,gif format.

    Step 7: Chose Condition of share whether it is New Or used. Spare price can depend on Condition Step 8: Set your selling Price & your spare is ready to Post

  • How to edit, update or delete Ads that I have posted?

    My Profile >> Posts >> Edit Add = If any Modification required with add .

    My Profile >> Posts >> Delete Add = If spare was sold/Used & you wish to Remove from portal to avoid any further call from Buyer .

  • How long do Ads stay after being posted on onlySpare?

    Ads will live on the site for 60 days after which they expire automatically and are not displayed as a part of the live ads on site. You can extend your Ad duration by re-posting your ads after its expiry .

  • Is there any limit on Posting Ads on only Spare ?

    Now there is no limit for Posting add . Any duplicate ads or the same ad posted more than once will be deleted from Portal without any prior notice /Information .

  • How do I search spare on onlySpare ?

    Step 1: Keyword Search by specific model Number.

    Step 2: Select Category>>Select Subcategory>>Select Brand >>Select Model Number >> Search .

    Step 3: You can also refer Popular Search TAB which designed to avoid to select category & Sub category .

  • Is there any charges to View Seller's contact details?

    Buyer has to pay nominal charges to onlySpare.com to view Contact details of sellers. Contact Numbers can be Accessed for 24 hours once payment is made. Charges may change time to time with out any prior notice/Information.

  • What should I do, if Product Brand Name not listed in onlySpare ?

    Don't worry if Brand name not listed in portal which you want to post. Refer bellow Process- Just click on Brand >>Request your Brand >> Enter your request Brand Name>>Send Request You will be Notify though SMS, once requested brand name added in portal.

  • How Technical world helps Technical Community ?

    Technical word is a technology destination for Technical Community. We cover everything and anything technology -- news, views, reviews, launches, trends and much more. We give you the information, tools and advice that will help you to repair products & get the most out of the tech in your life. You can search information based on Category,Brand & trends.You can also upload Your Video on "Upload Video" tab that can be visible on Technical World page after verified by Admin .

Posting an ad on onlySpare is free! However, all ads must follow our rules:

  1. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  2. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.
  3. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  4. Do not post ads containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
  5. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  6. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  7. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.
  8. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.