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Panasonic Inverter Split AC Error Codes

0″ – Frequency measured and fan speed fixed. The memory data of error code is erased when the facility supply is stop , or press the Auto Switch until “beep” sound heard following by pressing the “CHECK” button at remote . Although operation enforced to prevent when abnormality detected, emergency operation is feasible surely errors (refer to Error Codes Table) by using remote or Auto Switch at indoor unit. However, the remote signal receiving sound is modified from one “beep” to four“beep” sounds


S01 Room temperature sensor failure
S02 Indoor coil sensor failure
S03 Humidity sensor failure
S04 Comp. temperature sensor failure
S05 Outdoor coil sensor failure
S06 Outdoor air sensor failure
S07 Outdoor current sensor failure
E01 Indoor/outdoor communication failure
E02 HIC circuit failure (Compressor/Fan circuit)
E03 Outdoor unit OTP rom failure
E04 Peak current cut off
E05 PAM or Active circuit failure
E06 High compressor discharge temperature
E07 Indoor fan operating failure
E08 Way valve switching failure (RV)
E09 No refrigerant protection
E10 DC compressor drive circuit failure
E11 Outdoor fan operating failure
E12 Error in outdoor unit
E13 Freeze prevention activated


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