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Panasonic LED TV Blinking Codes

The number of flashes is a mistake code. Count the amount of flash. it's like one among the boards in your set is failing intermittently. Panasonic codes for a guide as a start line . Exact board STILL has got to be verified;

One Blink: One blink of the facility LED indicates a drag within the inverter circuit located on the LCD panel. The inverter board isn't to be repaired within the field.
Therefore a replacement is required.

Three Blinks: Three blinks of the facility LED indicates an over-current or over-voltage condition in one among the DC supplies of the AP board. The AP board is repairable. Therefore the utilization of an ohmmeter and peak-hold-voltmeter is required to work out the explanation for the shutdown. An over-voltage condition is certainly a defect of the AP board. An over-current condition could also be thanks to a brief circuit located within the AP board, A board, or the LCD panel.
Five, Seven, or Eight Blinks: The A board is liable for

Five, seven or eight blinks of the facility LED. the most +3.3V, MAIN +5V, and MAIN +9V sources are all produced on the A board. The detection input pins of the MPU, IC1100, monitor for his or her presence.

Four or Six Blinks: The AP board is liable for four or six blinks of the facility LED. The DTV9V, and SUB_5V sources are produced on the AP board. The MPU IC1100 monitors for his or her presence when the unit is connected to AC Power. a brief or circuit on the A board can also be liable for their absence.

Nine Blinks: Nine blinks of the facility LED is due a brief circuit within the audio output circuit (s) of the unit. The audio output circuit is found on the A board. Confirm the status of the speakers. If defective, perform a replacement. If ok, replace the A board.

Ten Blinks: Ten blinks of the facility LED indicates a malfunction of IC4200, the frame converter. This IC resides on the A board. Therefore ten blinks of the facility LED requires the replacement of the A board.

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