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PS4 Too Hot overheating due to dust build up and fan (CUH-1001/1115 cleaning and disassembly)

PS4 overheating fix for free! If your PS4 keeps shutting down and sounding love it is close to begin then it probably is overheating. PS4 Overheating may be a common issue caused mainly by the planning of the unit. during this video, I dismantle a Playstation 4 and show you exactly what to try to to to wash the fan and heatsink assembly in order that you'll restore full gaming pleasure and performance.

The PS4 features a major design flaw within the cooling system, especially if it's mounted on its' side sort of a Wii because this blocks an entire side of air intake, making the unit suffocate from lack of airflow. This results in the ps4 overheating fast and ending up during a sudden shutdown or system freeze. Not really what you would like therein epic Fortnight battle or within the middle of FIFA.

You will need a few of tools to try to to the work , namely a torx T8 security driver and a Phillips screwdriver . I used a typical torx driver without a problem . you'll also use a paintbrush also as a tin of compressed gas or if you've got an compressor then just use that instead.

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