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Sony HOME THEATRE SYSTEM DAV-DZ350 standby problm solved

A Sony surround-sound system are often connected to your home-theater setup to supply you with high-quality sound while you're watching television or movies, playing video games or taking note of music in your front room . The speakers are going to be connected to an audio receiver which will allow you to regulate the device. Sometimes, however, you would possibly have problems with the loudspeaker . Troubleshooting the speakers and your receiver to repair the matter won't take long.

Step 1
Press the "Input" button on the instrument panel of your surround-sound receiver to make sure that the device is about to the right device. The sound won't play through the speakers if the receiver is about to a special device — for instance , if you're trying to listen to a DVD but the receiver is about to the cable box, you'll not hear anything.

Step 2
Adjust the quantity knob on the receiver. If you're not hearing sound through your loudspeaker , it's possible that the quantity knob has been turned down. Turn the quantity up to ascertain whether you hear anything from the speakers. If the device you've got connected to the system features a volume control, for instance a CD player , adjust the quantity on this device also .

Step 3
Check the connections for your devices. confirm that the audio cables from the device you're trying to concentrate to through the speakers are properly inserted into the inputs on the rear of the receiver. The white and red audio cables should be within the correct red and white inputs and will be pressed altogether the way.

Step 4
Check the connections for your speakers. Each speaker should be connected properly to the rear of the receiver. The wires should be intact and not frayed. Each wire should be connected to the right black and red terminal for them to figure properly.

Step 5
Press the bottom you'll hear a brief beep coming from each speaker individually to assist you identify which of them aren't working properly. If you do not hear anything, press the "Menu" button on the remote to tug up the menu for the receiver on the tv . Use the navigation arrows to maneuver up and down within the menu. Select a speaker and press the proper button to extend the quantity for every speaker.

Step 6
If you continue to don't hear anything through the speakers, there could be a technical problem with the audio cables from your device or with the receiver itself. Try employing a different set of audio cables. If that doesn't solve the matter , you would possibly need to absorb your receiver and loudspeaker for service.

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