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Firstly, we'll show you ways to line the first factory settings for your printer. So you'll be performing on the entire printer not on direct ink pad problems. This reinstating procedure will do on all the problems which might be found in your particular canon printer model, containing the complete ink pad situation.

You should turn your printer off and keep it during the procedure, we usually work with the stop/ push button .

The non-multifunction printers mainly use this first procedure. But the button relate to the present post are often found on either printer types or with or without Inkjet system. once you have done this completely, then your printer’s name will have the words “copy1” hook up with it on your computer. just in case you would like to understand the way to install a default printer, please read this post.

Step 1:

Firstly, you switch your canon printer off.

Steps 2:

Press and keep the stop/reset button down.

Step 3:

Press your button on while you’re keeping the stop/reset down. this may turn the printer on and off again.

Step 4:

Turn the stop/reset button off and press it again 2 times during a row, with light, tapping motions. Don’t forget to stay the on/off button pressed while doing this.

Step 5:

Let turn all the keys you were pressing down and wait until rest get on your screen.

Step 6:

Press the stop/reset button again for five times then touch the on/off button twice fast.

Second method to repair Canon 5B00 error:
This particular tutorial works perfectly on multifunction printers. The printer run in commission mode we will work on this matter itself, make the printer think the ink absorber pad is empty not full. you'll open and tidy the ink deposit, please do this due to ink in it.

You can catch on clean by laying a napkin thereon and leaving it for a short time , and it attract the maximum amount ink as possible and clear the deposit a touch .

Step 1:

First, turn your canon multifunction printer on. we'll work with yhe printer on throughout this complete process due to direct performing on the printer’s settings.

Step 2:

Secondly, press the menu button on the printer.

Step 3:

Now put your canon printer in commission mode. So on do that , you want to press the SCAN, COPY and SCAN buttons therein exact order. Please take under consideration the whole service mode menu in English, as a computer’s BIOS.

Step 4:

Press the + key until you’ve touched the COUNTE ACESS option. Press the OK button once.

Step 5:

You printer’s screen appear a page counter. the amount thereon means the amount of pages printed in total. does one think it’s too much?

Step 6:

Press the OK button.

Step 7:

Press the COPY button.

Step 8:

Use the – key to lower this score all the way back to zero and press OK.

Step 9:

Go on using the +symbol to seem at the menu and stop once you get to SCAN PAGE COUNT. Set this counter back to zero so on wipe the score on the page counter on our canon printer, searched for only it’s in commission mode.

Step 10:

Cruise the whole menu slowly until you touch the ABS-M DON’T COUNT option. Set this score back to zero and click on OK.

Step 11:

Press the button after everything else has been down.

Step 12:

Turn your printer off and are available back again by using the on/off button thereon.

If the VALID KEY message appears on your display screen at the top of this process, cut the powder cable faraway from the printer and connect it another time.

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