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Difference Between IP vs HD CCTV Camera | Which is Better?

If you would like to use surveillance video for car place reading, face recognition , or evidence of a criminal offense , you'll be wanting a camera with high definition. But with such a good range of cameras available, how does one know which one is true for you?

Analog cameras are utilized in surveillance systems for over 30 years. The surveillance industry is moving faraway from CCTV and toward IP, but many businesses are still using analog systems. If you would like to continue using your analog equipment but want the HD resolution of newer cameras, you'll be wanting to modify to HD analog cameras.

HD analog cameras measure resolution in pixels rather than TVL, which older cameras use. Benefits of HD analog include lower costs than IP cameras and straightforward installation like all other CCTV camera. Learn more about HD analog.

IP cameras are the most recent development in surveillance, coming into popularity within the previous couple of years. These cameras use your network to attach to your system and share data. this enables the system to grow and alter with better flexibility - less reliance on cables and power outlets gives you more control over where cameras are placed.

IP cameras are costlier than their analog counterparts, but include advanced features not available with older technology. Learn more about HD resolution.

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