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You to resolve Dell 3521 No Power Problem

The laptop will not activate and that i just get a black screen, but there's no problem with the facility supply because the light comes on. Further information:

The power light comes on when the cable is plugged in
The battery charging light comes on when the battery is in situ
The fan comes on after pressing the facility button, but the screen remains blank and therefore the laptop doesn't boot
The HDD light flickers on briefly at the beginning
I have tried removing battery & power and holding the facility button down for 15-30secs to reset memory, but this does not help
I have tried reseating the memory
I have tried starting the laptop with memory and HDD removed, but i buy an equivalent symptoms
Plugging into a external monitor via HDMI gives no signal
Can anyone help or suggest anything to try?

For the previous couple of months I even have had power problems, with the laptop occasionally turning itself off randomly , or difficulty beginning (usually resolved after a couple of minutes with an extended button press etc).

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