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How to Repair Sony Bravia LED TV 8 Times Blinking Error P

When not functioning properly, your Sony Bravia XBR HDTV will offer you clues on what you'll do to repair the matter . One issue which will occur is that, when trying to show on the tv , the facility indicator light blinks red rather than the unit powering up. Although the sunshine indicates a drag with the tv , there are steps that you simply can fancy get the TV to figure properly once more . Alternatively, you'll also restore the TV to its factory settings, which can usually solve the difficulty and cause the sunshine to prevent blinking.

Step 1
Unplug the television's electrical cord from the wall outlet.

Step 2
Disconnect all devices plugged into the tv , including any game systems, DVRs or DVD players. Leave the tv off for a minimum of five minutes.

Step 3
Plug the tv back to the wall outlet, and check out to show it back on again using the remote or the "Power" button on the unit itself. If the tv starts up without the blinking light, turn it off, reconnect your devices and switch it back on again. If you continue to see the blinking light, perform a factory reset.

Point the remote at tv , and press and hold the "Up Arrow" button. At an equivalent time, press and release the "Power" button on the tv . Your television will reset to its factory settings, and therefore the red light will not blink.

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