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How To Repair Videocon 40 inch Led Tv Standby Problem

The remote behaves differently when standby is activated. If your Sony TV doesn't activate once you press the facility button, it might be stuck during this mode. Although, this is often usually the case, it's going to not always indicate standby mode is that the real issue. Many Sony TVs are equipped with an influence off switch to conserve energy. If this switch is on, the TV won't activate quickly either.

Press the facility button once. If the TV doesn't activate , observe the LED indicator, usually located on the TV's lower front panel. If the LED indicator turned off after you pressed the facility button once, it's in standby mode. Press the facility button once more to exit standby and switch on the TV.

Observe the Standby light if the remote won't work. If the Standby light stays on, the tv is in Standby mode. Press the facility button on the tv , then attempt to use the remote.

Turn the Energy Saving cut , then press the facility button. The Energy Saving Switch is found on the rear or side panel on most Sony model TVs. ask your TV user manual for the precise location of the switch.

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