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LG LD series, D series Dishwasher Troubleshooting

The South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation LG has several thousands of dishwashers within the LD and D series. If your dishwasher belongs to one of these ranges, you can use the table below for quick and easy troubleshooting tips. Just try the solutions suggested for the type of issue that your appliance is having .

No lights come on when the power is turned on • Plug is not properly inserted into the socket • Check the plug
• Fuses blown or circuit breaker tripped • Check the electricity
• The electricity from the house was cut off • Call for service
The machine does not start • Door is not fully closed • Close the door
• The start button is not pressed • Press the start button
The spray arms do not rotate smoothly The mounting of the spray arms is blocked by food particles Clean the holes of the spray arm
White deposits are left on the dishwasher after washing • The amount of detergent or rinse- aid is set incorrectly • Check the detergent or rinse-aid and adjust the dispenser dial setting accordingly
• The salt container is empty • Check the salt container or cap
• The salt container cap is not securely screwed on  
• Water Hardness setting may need to be increased  
Streaks are left on glassware Too little Rinse-Aid dispensed • Fill the rinse-aid
• Adjust the level of rinse-aid dispensed
Dry results are not satisfactory Too little Rinse-Aid dispensed  
Washing results are not satisfactory • Incorrect amount of detergent  
• Plates and utensils incorrectly arranged or overloaded  
• Filters are clogged  
• Water jet holes of sprinkle arms blocked  
• Spray arm's rotation obstructed by utensils  
• Unsuitable programme selected  


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