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Process to reset iPhone – Hard Reset / Factory Reset

Hard Reset and Factory Reset option should be initiate when no other tips and tricks work. Hard restart resets the iPhone to its factory settings. this suggests that after hard reset, your iPhone are going to be within the same condition because it was shipped from the factory. there's different procedure to try to to a full “hard reset” and this may erase or delete everything from the mobile and restore the iPhone to its factory settings.

  • Go to >>Settings
  • Select >>General
  • Scroll down and select >>Reset
  • Following Option will be Displayed –Reset All Settings, Erase All content and Settings, Reset Network Settings.
  • To initiate Hard Factory Reset >>Erase All Content and Settings
  • The iPhone will ask for pass code / password>> Enter the password and confirm.
  • The phone will start the reset process which could take few minutes.
  • If you updated the iOS, then afterr estart, the iPhone will have the LAST Version of iOS.


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